A desire to give philosophical meaning to reality is reflected in his Elementary Odes (1954–57) and the lyrical and grotesque poems of Estravagario (1958). In the Longitudinal Valley, with its pockets of vertisols (dark soils with faint horizonation), the natural vegetation has not survived. In addition, there are three colleges, a conservatory, and the School of Applied Arts. Therefore, there can be one and the same day, enjoy the sun, sea bathing and downhill skiing. As the capital of Chile, Santiago is brimming with fascinating attractions, and thrilling activities. The first phase (1810–14) ended in defeat at RancaguaRancagua, city (1990 est. 9 years ago. Orchards (apples, citrus fruits, peaches) and vineyards are also found, primarily in Central Chile, from Santiago Province to Linares Province. The military junta that seized power has ruthlessly persecuted the country’s progressive cultural figures. A. Rojas, M. de Salas, and B. O’Higgins. Religious painting and sculpture made its appearance. Because of the climate, agriculture is limited; oats and potatoes are the chief crops. A new phase of the liberation struggle began in 1817. The writers known as Creolists drew their inspiration from nature and rural life. Wilflife and flora are protected in the Villarrica, Los Paraguas, Pérez Rosales, Puyehue, and Juan Fernández national parks and in the Nahuelbuta Preserve. Precipitation increases southward; the desert in the north is practically rainless, while S Chile receives abundant precipitation throughout the year. The Chile Congress building constructed during the Pinochet regime stands in Valparaiso. It houses numerous regional headquarters of multinational corporations. After the military coup of Sept. 11, 1973, a military fascist regime was established in the country that upheld the openly terroristic dictatorship of the big Chilean capitalists and the foreign monopolies allied with them. For a while, the promise seemed to be working. The social and historical development of Chile, which embarked on capitalism earlier than the other Latin American countries, stimulated the appearance of critical realism in the mid-19th century. The class struggle that shook Chile during the years that the Unidad Popular government was in power is evoked in G. Atias’ novels And the Money Flowed (1972) and Against the Current (1978). there are many large, primarily terminal glacial lakes (Raneo, Llanquihue), including the western portions of several Patagonian lakes (Buenos Aires, San Martin). The collections Desolation (1922), Tala (1938), and Winepress (1954), while recording the poet’s individual feelings, also reflect the collective consciousness of the Latin American peoples. Falling copper prices, exacerbated by an Asian economic crisis, caused economic and social problems in 1998 and 1999. He served in the revolt against Spain and commanded the victorious Chilean forces at the battle of Yungay (1839), where the Peru-Bolivia confederation of Andrés Santa Cruz was destroyed...... Click the link for more information. The promulgation of a new constitution in October 1822, aimed at democratizing the political system and limiting the privileges of the aristocracy, exacerbated the tense situation. The Northern Economic Region, encompassing the First through Fourth regions, is a mining region producing copper, iron ore, and saltpeter. The rise of the laboring classes was marked by unionization, and there were many Marxists who advocated complete social reform. About 500 such groups, composed of workers, peasants, and students, put on productions in schools, factory trade union centers, and rural settlements. Most of the agricultural output is provided by the region’s southern provinces, where wheat, corn, vegetables, grapes, hemp, and tobacco are grown. The Chilean Andes contain many high peaks and volcanoes; Ojos del Salado (22,539 ft/6,870 m high) is the second highest point in South America. . The chief trading partners are the United States, China, Brazil, Argentina, and South Korea. The transport syste… North Chile, down to 28° S lat., has a tropical desert climate. ), numerous channels, and deep fjords. After the military fascist coup many progressive ballet dancers and choreographers emigrated. A long, narrow country, it extends approximately 2,700 miles and has an average width of just 110 miles. From the outset two trends coexisted in the Chilean ballet—the expressionist, including modern dance, and the classical, whose leading exponent was Solari. The railroad network totals 9,800 km. The capital of Chile is Santiago, which was founded 2/12/1541. Food-processing enterprises, found in almost all cities, are especially numerous in Santiago, Valparaiso, and Valdivia. Log in Sign up. The capital and largest city is Santiago and the national language is Spanish. 9 years ago. The Central Economic Region, comprising the Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh regions and Nũble and Concepción provinces in the Eighth Region, is the most highly developed economic region and the principal manufacturing and agricultural region. It houses numerous regional headquarters of multinational corporations. Approximately 3 million ha of land have been returned to the large landowners, for the most part in provinces with fertile soils. Rivers and lakes. The junta suspended the constitution, dissolved the National Congress, and banned all political parties and mass organizations. Chile is rich in many kinds of minerals. Economically, Chile is one of the relatively well-developed countries of Latin America. In June, 2006, Chile saw massive protests over secondary school funding, some of which resulted in clashes with the police, and in early 2007, there were significant protests in Santiago over the disruption caused by a new public transportation system. , a port on the Pacific Ocean, is the fourth largest industrial center of Chile; Punta ArenasPunta Arenas, city (1990 est. Choose from 500 different sets of term:santiago = what is the capital of chile? (1970, directed by A. Francia), and Araucana (1971, directed by J. Coll), a joint production with Spain and Italy. 306,464), capital of Biobío region, S central Chile, near the mouth of the Biobío River. The 1920 presidential candidate of the Liberal Alliance, a coalition of all the enemies of the conservatives, Alessandri was elected on a reform platform...... Click the link for more information. Later that year, during a visit to London, Pinochet was arrested and held for possible extradition to Spain, on charges stemming from his repressive regime; he was released for health reasons and returned to Chile in Mar., 2000. The major products are copper and other minerals, processed food, fish meal, iron and steel, wood and wood products, transportation equipment, and textiles. In 1811 a national congress was established, but inasmuch as it was dominated by pro-Spanish elements, J. M. Carrera, one of the leaders of the War of Independence, dissolved the congress and took control of the government, instituting measures to strengthen the country’s independence. Search. Economic stability, the improvement of labor conditions, and the control of Communists were the chief aims of the administration of Gabriel González Videla, who was elected president in 1946. Currency: peso. A military-fascist junta headed by the army commander General A. Pinochet Ugarte came to power. 148 views / Category: Geography Share: More Questions: Farnsworth Bentley became famous for holding whose umbrellas? The Communist Party, the Workers’ Federation, and the country’s anarchosyndicalist organizations were outlawed. Further south, the elevation of the Andes decreases (Mount San Valentin, 4,058 m); volcanoes arise along the foot of the western slopes (a large number of active ones are found between 37° and 43°S lat. Chile’s timber reserves are estimated at 1.2 billion cu m. Some 8.2 million cu m of round timber, chiefly coniferous, were produced in 1975. Create New Account. Chile lies within the Andes (Cordillera) geosynclinal belt, which has a basement of weakly metamorphosed Paleozoic rocks in the east and possibly late Precambrian and Paleozoic metamorphic rocks in the west. Geological structure and mineral resources. Write. New narrative techniques and psychological probing distinguish the prose of the 1950’s and 1960’s, notably the works of C. Droguett (born 1915) and J. Donoso (born 1926). The desert itself, c.2,000 ft (610 m) above sea level, is a series of dry salt basins flanked on the W by the Pacific coastal range, averaging c...... Click the link for more information. Naval subdivisions include an air force of about 20 airplanes and ten helicopters, a marine brigade, and a coastal artillery. Topography. There is a subway system and the international airports at Pudahuel and Los Cerrillos provide air services. A Spanish-language literature has been developing in Chile since the beginning of colonial rule in the 16th century, when the Spaniard A. de Ercilla y Zúñiga (1553–94) wrote the famous epic La Araucana (parts 1–3, 1569–89), describing the Araucanians’ heroic resistance to the colonialists. Chile. South of 39° S lat. Southern Chile has a typically fjord coast. The dependence of the economy on copper prices and the production of an adequate food supply are two of Chile's major economic problems. The Christian Democratic Party (Partido Demócrata Cristiano), a bourgeois-reformist party founded in 1957, has been indefinitely suspended by the junta. Diego de AlmagroAlmagro, Diego de, c.1475–1538, Spanish conquistador, a leader in the conquest of Peru. The Southern Economic Region, consisting of the Eleventh and Twelfth regions and Chiloé Province, is an underdeveloped agricultural region. What Olympic field event's two main styles are the glide and the spin? In 1817, José de San MartínSan Martín, José de, 1778–1850, South American revolutionist, b. Yapeyú, in present-day Argentina. Although the copper mines are still owned by the state, they are worked and managed by US monopolies. Flashcards. More than 90 percent of Chile’s population is composed of Chileans, most of them mestizos of Spanish and Indian descent. A large role in the economy is played by foreign, chiefly US, capital, the investment of which has been especially encouraged since the military junta seized power in 1973. Vina del Mar has 13 beaches, and festivals such as the International Song Festival which is the largest festival in Latin America. In the 1958 presidential elections the FRAP candidate, the Socialist S. Allende Gossens, received only 30,000 votes less than the candidate of the right-wing forces and the puppet of big capital, J. Alessandri. ), Climate: Temperate; desert in north; Mediterranean in cen­tral region; cool and damp in south, Nationality: noun: Chilean(s); adjective: Chilean, Population: 16,284,741 (July 2007 CIA est. All these parties now operate under illegal conditions. Many Chileans are also of German, Italian, Irish, British, or Yugoslav ancestry.

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