Autonomous operation- the future of automation? Automating procedural operations help reach maximum performance in the five areas mentioned above but also in maintaining equipment life. For example, the natural gas quality determines how much pretreating and energy will be required to make an LNG product to specification before transport. I was inducted into the Process Automation Hall of Fame in 2011. Upstream automation procedures are helping reduce costs, improve regulatory compliance, and improve the facilities’ performance by. Now in the 2010s, innovation has begun in the upstream industry where procedure automation is being tested, modeled and deployed on production platforms and within on-shore oil fields. Other Basic PLC CPU options include the classic modular designs Q00 and Q01, the first steps on the path to the full System Q automation platform. A definition of automation risk with examples. In relation to modular automation, a service can be defined as a discrete unit of process functions provided by a module or a subset of a module which can be accessed, acted upon or update to. Your e-mail address will not be published. MODULAR AUTOMATION Modular automation has rapidly gained dominance; in fact, with systems consisting of several stand-alone modules, operations become much more flexible and faster than they were with conventional systems designed from individual parts. This shrinks the volume of the gas 600 times, making it easier to store and transport. I am active with ISA (International Society for Automation) Standards & Practices division and co-chair of the ISA101 HMI standard committee. Modular systems are also used in other industries (e.g., shipbuilding) where simple integration into higher-level systems is the key to success. Incidents that occurred during startup and shutdown continued to be a major factor. The initial goal is to publish a technical report based on good practices that are used today. We deliver outstanding automation solutions for advanced manufacturers worldwide including custom soultions, build-to-print machines & precision tooling. Procedure execution is documented, recorded and reported automatically. As standard, data and media are available in digital form. “In life sciences the production is now more focused on the patient and the given problem with personalized medicine. Participants should occupy their seat 5 minutes before the start of a lecture 2. 13 Types of Office Automation » Automation Risk . Keyword Driven Automation Framework. The actual risk of safety events and spill occurrences are kept very low because the consequences of any excursion are huge. Procedures vary by type of installation/company/location, but they require consistent execution. Are Machines Better Than Humans in Crisis? We are an agile business with the in-house skills and capability to design, build, install and support advanced manufacturing equipment. I am a PhD Chemical Engineer and Executive Advisor to Yokogawa’s Marketing HQ in Tokyo, based in Ilminster, UK. U.S. government regulations have tightened up considerably and now it’s not only important to demonstrate that you have a procedure but are actually following it and further can prove you are following it. Modular Automation is the right solution for process industries that are facing market requirements such as more customized products, shorter delivery times and smaller batch series down to batch size 1. This increases knowledge-sharing and synergies across the upstream enterprise. The hierarchy of modular procedures is easily adjusted to fit the application requirements which can vary with the level of complexity (e.g. In the last two years, this work is now being applied to the upstream industry and particularly to off-shore production platforms. Smart Manufacturing- Why is the Technology Stack so important? With the technology and early adoption of the idea of modular automation ABB is the right partner in this area.” Dr. Torsten Knohl, Senior Project Manager, Bayer AG. MPA is a consultative methodology whose purpose is to document and automate procedural operations in continuous processes. The objective was to eliminate equipment failure (leaks) due to exceeding recommended levels in the rate of cooling. I sit on various IEC international standards committees on smart manufacturing. Figure 1: Capturing Procedural Best Practices. This would help reduce engineering labor costs, provide consistent operations, and lower the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Programmable Logic Controller available in two type, that is Modular and Compact. There can be considerable variability in performing manual procedures as some operators or shifts often have better skills or more experience. Modular Protection Automation & Control (MPAC) ABB Electrification Distribution Solutions. • Training and certification best practices. On closer examination of possible actions during a crisis, such as mistakes, it begs the question - “Are Machines Better than Humans in a Crisis?”. An additional study by J&H Marsh and McLennan showed that examination of major incidents by the average loss per incident indicated that operational error caused the largest average dollar loss. How to choose a control system that manages the operation of the process modules? I have 40 years of experience in decision support, human factors, batch solutions, procedural operations, HMI design, advanced process control, benchmarking analysis, the chemicals and refining industries and developing related standards. Deployment to the actual remote upstream site then happens quickly and safely. Common examples of modular procedural automation are in the following areas: well flow lines and test separators, regulatory compliance in emergency shutdown (ESD) checks, and temperature safety checks, subsea compliance communication checks, ramping-up of wells, recovery from unit trips minimizing spillage and flaring, and advanced transition management to improve equipment life. I was part of a small team that proposed a procedure automation standard for ISA in 2009. If you look back at the functions available to control systems for both programmable logic controllers (PLC) and distributed control systems (DCS), they focused on discrete and continuous control. Technology, products, tools and actors associated with modular automation concept, Modular Automation solution for life sciences company Bayer AG, Submit your inquiry and we will contact you. 1. • Recommended target platforms (i.e. Re-use of Procedural Logic: Whether implemented with manual, prompted, or automated procedures, MPA can help re-use the same procedures and logic in different parts of the plant and with different products. One key area was in messaging and communicating back to the operator. In light of this constant technological advancement, the basic functions of home automation remain largely the same. Modular Automation is the future for flexible process plant production and a key element for industrial IoT and Industry 4.0. Natural gas fields along with gas pipelines lead to processing facilities called liquefied natural gas (LNG) plants and gas to liquids facilities (GTL). As is typical in these applications, safety, and spill performance are paramount in the matrix calculation of operational cost. This is due to the increased implementation costs to change and update successive procedures over time due to the lack of reusable software modules. ABB's website uses cookies. Prompted procedures are implemented in a control or manufacturing execution system which steps through the procedures, stopping at the end of each step or action and waiting for the operator to manually grant permission to continue. The products are no longer a commodity and we move towards very small batches. ABB has launched world’s first commercial modular enabled process automation solution. Developers can run and test different software functions through modules without rewriting multiple lines of code every time a change is made. Since that first meeting, the committee has grown in size substantially, met face to face several times and held monthly teleconferences. Our services include; Custom Automation Solutions, Proof of Principle, Build to Print Equipment and Precision Tooling. It increases safety and reliability and provides consistent, repeatable and verifiable procedural operations. In 2009 Shell developed automated procedures in an LNG facility to stem losses from transition management. In some abnormal transitions, like a process trip, most of the time there is an opportunity for a process operator to reset the equipment and operating conditions to reestablish normal conditions. 1995 . Probability of identifying errors or bugs on smaller chunks of program becomes higher 2. Transitions also inherently increase the risk of disruptions that can lead to incidents or lost production. The first draft was issued in May 2011, has gone through a thorough review and will be re-issued in January 2012. Modular definition, of or relating to a module or a modulus. • Modularization of procedural steps to foster re-use and lower TCO Overview. In its basic definition, transition management is a method of implementing advanced procedure management. Figure 1, below, depicts the methodology of capturing procedural best practices. Moved into purpose-built, 12,500 sq. While this can provide short-term operational benefits, the total cost of ownership of these procedures is higher than necessary. How to do it… Developed the first Cam Driven Nokia Mobile Phone Connector line for Molex . In the last two years, when shutdowns are attributed to failing to follow the procedure, then procedure automation is implemented. How to preserve the knowledge of the best operators on his/her best day has become the question. Its usually depends on the customer requirement and specification for their projects or manufacturing lines. Different types of procedure implementations contain scalability for manual, prompted, and automated control. The chemical industry with both continuous and batch processes began implementing procedure automation utilizing these new tools and packages. In addition, each gas field brings different challenges. Moving from monolithic automation systems for complete production plant to modular-enabled, more flexible and service oriented plug and produce automation solutions will allow faster process implementation, ability to scale the capacity by numbering up and down the production … The required chemistry is basic but the complexity arises from the extreme temperatures and required high pressures. This article shows the definition and difference between modular PLC and compact PLC which is crucial in industrial automation. If an abnormal situation takes place or an operator intervenes, the sequence can be held or perform exception handling. Modular procedures, both prompted and automated, allow easy sharing of procedural knowledge between facilities. Modular solution: In a modular implementation, the new raw materials functionality is implemented as an object. What does provide the best solution is to consciously examine events that caused production interruptions, then examine the procedural operations associated with those events, document them and determine what type of implementation will provide the best economic return while improving safety, health and the environmental metrics for the facility. Some of the events challenging the upstream industry today are rising operating costs and tougher extraction of oil and gas due to rising complexity. Increased speed of machine integration Increased speed of system commissioning Increased plant floor space available for manufacturing Reduced Mean time To Repair (MTTR) Adopting leaner automation boosts aircraft builders F-35 airframe assembly line. Procedure documentation can then be readily available to the operator and is a living document. This modularization provides easier documentation, verification, and implementation of the discrete pieces of procedural logic and knowledge. Check answer back flag The use of Modular Automation resulted in reduced engineering time. Using a modular approach as offered by MPA provides a number of benefits such as: Due to the need for a procedural automation industry standard, the ISA (International Society of Automation) approved the formation of a new committee in April 2010, and it adopted the title “Procedural Automation for Continuous Process Operations”. Automated procedures can provide an improvement over prompted procedures yielding further improvements in variability and transition time reduction. These are safety and compliance testing procedures in the upstream industry. Modular design in automation: What we’ve learned playing with LEGO bricks Modular design, whether natural or created by humans, is all around us. The common types of office automation. In the 1990s operator support tools or advanced operator assistance functions began appearing which were independent of the control system. Sequential and batch control functions were added later and the logic was more complex. ABB provides complete protection, automation and control systems for an entire substation integrated into a modular building, that is tested and delivered to site. By staying here you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Often operators perform these procedures based upon their training and experience gained over the years and upon reference to written documents such as SOPs. The oil and gas fields onshore also have complex procedural operations. Conditions An overview of modular robotics. Development of automated procedures took into account operator experience (capturing best-practices), analyses of existing procedures and historical data. When procedural logic (that is portions or modules of procedures) is re-used, business gains repeatability, reliability, and it lowers the cost of developing duplicate procedures. In this case, after a shutdown or trip, the cool-down procedure for the main cryogenic heat exchangers (MCHEs) was used to achieve a predefined temperature profile. Fluctuating quantities and highly specialized products require efficient production in small quantities. Privacy Policy, Artificial intelligence (AI) empowers the Sushi Sensor You might have, How Digital Transformation impacts Plant Availability, Digitization, which originally meant the conversion of analog information into digital formats, has now been almost completely implemented. In the U.S. hydraulic “fracking” to extract natural gas has been practiced since the 1940s. How Modular Automation is Becoming Part of Everyday Life, How to achieve perfect orchestration of modular plants, ABB provides modular enabled automation solutions for the process industry, ABB launches world’s first commercial modular enabled process automation solution. • Exception handling of abnormal process conditions 3. Also other data will not be shared with third person. The topics being considered for the standard are: • Models and terminology When modular design works well, it merges the advantages of standardization and customization. Multiple modules can be tested simultaneously and hence supports parallel testing 3. However, knowledge and the accompanying skill sets are leaving the workplace due to retirement, and the availability of good operators to run these procedures manually is diminishing. Modular automation has rapidly gained dominance; in fact, with systems consisting of several stand-alone modules, operations become much more flexible and faster than they were with conventional systems designed from individual parts. 7 Examples of Automation Risk » Trending The most popular articles on Simplicable in the past day. modular automation ireland ltd Business Description We are an award winning Irish company that combine innovative engineering design with the highest quality machine build to deliver high tech smart automated equipment for leading Medical Device and Technology manufacturers. This improves flexibility and standardization while reducing engineering and maintenance costs. On the right-hand side is the resultant “best-practice” procedure. Advanced PLCs For advanced machine designs and controlling manufacturing cells, including infrastructure and site-wide management, System Q’s advanced PLC CPUs offer incredible performance and versatility. From modular engineering to modular automation and services - fast and efficient thanks to MTP Get insights how to implement the "modular production" concept using Siemens' engineering, simulation and automation software. CAD design department established . • Implementation of startup, shutdown, abnormal conditions, hold states, and transition logic Plant Historian: Core of your Digital Transformation. Modular Automation. Now, driven by changes in consumer demands, an alternative … A global standard with best practice is developed and deployed. The SOPs are updated and converted into an electronic-based procedure. Complexity of testing can be easily managed Prompted procedures can decrease variability, transition times and enable automatic record keeping. QTP Modular Framework solves only one of these limitations. These are used by the offshore industry for the processing and storage of oil and gas. Modular design, or modularity in design, is a design principle that subdivides a system into smaller parts called modules (such as modular process skids), which can be independently created, modified, replaced, or exchanged with other modules or between different systems. More and. Why should you care about MTP - modules with encapsulated process functions offered as services? Procedural automation has been a consistent goal in most of the processing industries for several decades. While modular construction itself isn’t a new concept, a recent report from McKinsey & Company acknowledges that we’re now at a point where technology is making it a more viable solution. So, you cannot use QTP modular framework alone in many of your automation projects (especially if your test cases need to be validated against multiple sets of data). This is shown pictorially within the red, dotted boxes. There are three main types of procedures: manual, prompted and automated. Procedure management and control require a verbose interface but control systems by their nature limit this ability. “Modular Automation is doing phenomenally well,” adds Burfield. It has since become ISA106. Typical items of concern are water, acid gases, sulfur compounds, carbon dioxide, heavier hydrocarbons, and heavy metals. A modular design approach facilitates standardized implementation within sites and across companies. 2. Scalable Approach: MPA provides a flexible and scalable approach to automation; it avoids the “one size fits all” approach. Utilizing the Best Toolset Depending on Requirements: Although there may already be an installed base with existing control capability in a plant, using the MPA methodology the procedure requirements are first understood and documented, and then the best tool for automated procedure execution is recommended. 4. Learn more, Sign up for a myABB account to access some of our online services. Check base tank level LI100.PV>=50% Implementing a modular approach could also provide companies with the ability to standardize functions across plants, sites, and the global enterprise, achieving corporate-wide repeatability and reproducibility. By staying here you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Modular automation transforms it into a flexible system that allows you to quickly and easily adjust the production volume by removing modules (numbering down) or adding modules (numbering up). MODULAR AUTOMATION Modular automation has rapidly gained dominance; in fact, with systems consisting of several stand-alone modules, operations become much more flexible and faster than they were with conventional systems designed from individual parts. Learn how the ecosystem of machine/plant builder, plant owner and system supplier could look in the future. The original SOP was simply: Answers to the most commonly asked questions for those entering the world of modular automation Large-scale automation systems have been at the heart of production line control for decades. In the future, if there is any change in the series of action, all you have to do is to make changes in your main modular method script. (See figure 3). Popular Tools that are used for Functional automation: Only today is the economy and technology available to begin the extraction of natural gas in large underground fields. Home automation is constantly evolving as new smart home technology emerges every year. How Does Home Automation Work? Following that, the committee plans to refine the material and hopes to publish a standard. Managing a procedure or process transition in automatic mode did not work well and operators chose to accomplish procedure management manually. The goal of this approach is to “distill” best-operating practices and find the right balance between manual, prompted and automated procedures, documenting and implementing the procedures and then executing continuous improvement cycles on them. Therefore, providing limited information to the operator hampered his ability to make procedure decisions, take action on alternatives, and realize the reasons for current process states. My primary work with Yokogawa involves working with international organizations to understand the impact of digital transformation on our current and future business and also working with global standards development organizations (SDO’s) in the development of standards for operator decision support, smart manufacturing, robotics, and autonomous operations. Documentation for process improvement or compliance requires manual records which can vary in quality and be difficult to gain benefits from without additional data analysis. However, procedural operations are again paramount in maintaining facility performance and environmental standards. A typical example is steam flooding in an oil field or in steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) oil fields. Modular Procedural Automation (MPA) MPA is a consultative methodology whose purpose is to document and automate procedural operations in continuous processes. Since the early 2000s, there’s been a renewed interest in modular construction due to breakthroughs like BIM, 3D-printing, and automation. Transition management applies equally to a complete process unit and to a selected piece of equipment in a processing unit, like a shutdown valve, or a test separator or a heat exchanger. Typical facilities that merit automated procedural operations are the offshore production platform and the floating production, storage and offloading vessel (FPSO) because of the concentration of processing in critical environments. Module Testing is recommended because 1. A procedure consists of a set of tasks that are conducted in a set way to achieve a certain goal. MPAC is an integrated solution for protection, control, automation and communication for high voltage substations. By the 2000’s the petrochemical and oil/gas downstream industry took the successes achieved within the chemical industry and began applying similar automatic transition management solutions. It is written for the capabilities of the system. Go to the brochure. Manual procedures are performed by operators taking actions either in the control room or in the field. Terms of Use Together the five areas mentioned above are the places for implementing advanced procedure automation integrated into the operator’s console. It also maintains the primary role of the operator. ABB's website uses cookies. The unit state change includes transitions like grade changes, production rate changes, process equipment switches, etc. This approach optimizes user acceptance and reduces deployment costs. I am the Volunteer Engineering Director and a Fellow of the Institute of Measurement and Control and a Fellow of the IChemE. Moving from monolithic automation systems for complete production plant to modular-enabled, more flexible and service oriented plug and produce automation solutions will allow faster process implementation, ability to scale the capacity by numbering up and down the production and improved capability and speed of product changes. This facilitates the development, testing, and verification of the “best-practice” automation procedures. This downward trend in staffing and the increased demand for accurate, real-time information will translate into additional systems and higher, more sophisticated levels of automation being applied, including Modular Procedural Automation. For our example, we’ll take a water filtration system design with a central controller and control system that was once commonly used. The existing paper-based operator procedure library and standard operating procedure (SOP) manuals contain the “static” knowledge known when the production platform was being built and brought on-line. Batch processes are procedural in nature, but typically involve sets of procedures running in parallel on varying process units and almost always need to have inbuilt flexibility. These functions certainly could handle the sequential nature of procedure management but they had limitations. The company started trading on the British marketing since 1998-11-13. The other limitation (data re-usability) still looms large. This object fully represents from an automation perspective the complete functionality of that raw material delivery system. The smaller, less experienced workforce that will exist in the future must be empowered with new technologies and workflows that can transfer knowledge on demand. The implementation was constructed of modules performing specific tasks and procedures. • Process unit orientation with an operational perspective According to a report by the insurance company Marsh Ltd, over the period 1975-2009, the 5-year loss rate (adjusted for inflation) in the refinery industry continued to rise. Modular Automation Framework. Over the last decade, many papers have been published describing the implementations and the results achieved. Risk has always been a constant but what has changed today are the consequences from trips, flaring and venting. This approach optimizes user acceptance and reduces deployment costs. The ISA-88 standard ultimately addressed batch automation very well, however, attempts were made in the 1970s and 1980s to implement advanced procedure management using control system functions with strings of function blocks or by straight-line coded applications. Typically, there are 4 test automation frameworks that are adopted while automating the applications: Data Driven Automation Framework. Before automation the procedure was always a manual operation because it involved a complex set of steps, the process responded non-linearly during cool-down and operators needed to handle several actions simultaneously. Hierarchy of Procedures: MPA breaks large and complex procedures into smaller modules and organizes them into a hierarchy. At the first meeting in June 2010, the committee agreed that its purpose was to develop standards, recommended best-practices and to publish technical reports on the lifecycle of automated procedures for continuous process industries. basic process control systems vs. safety control systems) for different types of procedures Without modular procedural automation techniques, this level of standardization would be very cumbersome to maintain. Another example of capturing procedural best practices is shown in figure 2. With the modularization approach, procedures are constructed like “building blocks”. A procedural operation consists of a set of operator tasks that are conducted in a set way time-after-time to achieve a certain goal such as starting or shutting down a unit or making a product. This meant that the skill and knowledge of running the operational procedure stayed with the operators and operations staff and not with the control system designer or engineer. Company registration number is IE296291. Modular Automation is founded by visionary engineer Ron O'Brien . normal sequencing only or complex exception handling). Get in touch with us online via our website, by phone or by e-mail to discuss your manufacturing challenge with one of our senior engineers. Hybrid Automation Framework. 1997 . Modular procedure automation reduces engineering costs, improves flexibility and reduces downtime for changes. 1993 . A module, also known as a package, assembly, or unit, is an independent portion of code that acts as a single building block for more complex systems. A-Z. A fourth area that is added to transition management is “abnormal” process state changes, like a process trip resulting in a well shutdown or a larger event causing a platform shutdown. Secondary and tertiary oil recovery methods follow procedures that are very repetitive but need constant vigilance to maintain costs and maximize production rates. MODULAR AUTOMATION IRELAND LIMITED is a LTD - PRIVATE COMPANY LIMITED BY SHARES company based in Smithstown Industrial Estate, Shannon, Co Clare Shannon, Ireland, which employs 6 people. Automating every procedure does not always provide the best solution; neither does manually executing every procedure. No test case will be impacted by the change. The actual procedural knowledge and skill are in the heads of the most experienced operators. It covers the sharing of operational knowledge and experience, the implementing of procedure consistency, and the use of modular implementation. Modularity avoids duplicacy of code. Automated procedures for continuous processes in the past have typically been implemented using ad-hoc designs and programming techniques usually resulting in difficult-to-maintain code.,, Artificial Intelligence and the Sushi Sensor.

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