… Nabisco introduced a new cinnamon flavor ("Hot Cin-O-Mon") as a clear fruit drop-type candy. Although they are still being produced, they are very hard to find nowadays, leading many people to believe they were discontinued. Bring a little joy to you day with Life Savers legendary Hawaiian Fruit flavors. 14-aug-2015 - Hawaiian Fruit-flavored Lifesavers. … The Five Flavor LifeSavers are not a compressed dextrose candy, instead they’re a boiled sugar candy. Share. Bulk Pricing. Musk (sold chiefly in Australia) Wild Cherry . Flavors include: Mango Melon, Pineapple, Pina Colada, Tropical Punch and Banana In: Candy. and Grey Poupon condiments and Milk-Bone dog snacks. In fact, what has happened to the brand is nothing more than a national tragedy. Sold by Rialto Deals. Individually wrapped. These drinks are still available, although they are now sold under the name "Squeeze It". by Segnbora-t: Sat Mar 24 2001 at 20:09:26: Candy maker Clarence Crane, wanting … Or from a specialty store. LifeSavers Life Savers Pep O Mint Hard Candy, 50-Ounce Party Size Bag. Large sized pieces let you indulge in great fruity flavor longer! Details. Wint-O-Green . Is the selection inside the story book the same as in years past? A classic American candy since 1912, the flavors of Life Savers Hard Candy have stood the test of time. Calories 60 3% DV per serving. A spinoff hardy candy of Life Savers, Creme Savers were produced by Nabisco in the late 90s and were sadly discontinued mid-00s without a clear explanation. 2010-12-12. Put them in your candy dish and share … Musk (sold chiefly in Australia) Wild Cherry . Add to Cart Add to Wishlist. Fruit punch, pina colada, tangerine, banana, mango melon. LifeSavers Fruit Variety - 6 ~ 14.5 oz Bags. $17.72. With: 3 Comments. Apple Pie a la Mode (not sold individually)Banana & … Anonymous They discontinued the tropical flavor life savers and its a shame they did because they were the best ones they made I wonder if we can petition the company to have them make them again that would be awesome Lifesavers Hawaiian Fruits Hard Candy. br> These Tropical Fruit Lifesavers are delicious and addicting and fit perfectly in a pocket which means you can h Skip to Content . 12 servings per pack. Life Savers. Sold by American Unified. Spear-O-Mint . Cryst-O-Mint [edit] Other Five-Flavor rolls. Bag; Atkinson's Sugar Free Bulk Hard Candy Guilt free Life Savers! Pep-O-Mint (first Life Savers flavor, introduced in 1912) Butter Rum . But if you want Life Savers, you have to buy them wrapped. A Tropical Fruits Life Savers roll wrapper from the early 1980's. It used to be that you could go nearly anywhere and find rolls of various Lifesaver flavors for sale. Individually wrapped. Also a cheap remedy for a diabetic's low blood sugar condition. FREE SHIPPING on orders over $89.95! Eat, smile, repeat. Our Price: $ 29.95: Quantity : Notify me when nearly out of stock. Lifesavers Butter Rum 20 Rolls Box Hard Candy Life Saver Candies Bulk Savers 5 out of 5 stars (64) 64 product ratings - Lifesavers Butter Rum 20 Rolls Box Hard Candy Life Saver Candies Bulk Savers This is another one of my faves, as it added artwork and a unique typeface to the design of this flavor. Life Savers lollies produced in Ingleburn will hit Australian shelves in the next few weeks. Very late-60's looking, in my opinion. Subject: Where to buy tropical fruit lifesavers or Lifesaver "book" with multiple flavored? Artificial flavors. The name of LifeSavers came about due the hole in the middle of the candy made it look like a life preserver. Well, that didn't stop folks online from begging for their return and who could blame them? Discontinued Products :: LifeSavers :: Discontinued LifeSavers ® Products. Other User Submitted Calorie Info Matching: Life Savers Tropical Life Savers Tropical Fruit Sherbet (1/2cup Serving) (1 serving) Calories: 120 , Fat: 0g , Carbs: 28g , Protein: 0g add to compare compare now. Wint-O-Green . Lifesavers Candy in Bulk Owned by the Wrigley Company, in 1912 the original Pep-o-Mint lifesaver was born by Clarence Crane. See also. Brand Classic: Life Savers Sweet Storybook. Try this American classic in these five delicious and fruity flavors: Mango Melon, Pineapple, Pina Colada, Tropical Punch and Banana. [ FVS08393 ] Strawberry Creme Savers Hard Candy, 6oz Pack; [ OFX00433 ] Lifesavers – Cherry, Blackberry, Pineapple, Raspberry, Watermelon – Breath Freshening – 20 Roll. Same great taste. This one is beat up a bit, so I'd like to upgrade it, but it's a fun wrapper, with the simple fruit illustrations. This year, I see Five Flavors and Wild Cherry, but I cannot recall what other flavors … Made Of: Sugar, Corn Syrup, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Citric Acid, Natural And Artificial Flavors, Dextrose Colors (titanium Dioxide, Red 40, Yellow 5). While the Pep-O-Mint was going strong, the fruit flavored versions were introduced in 1924 as simple hard candy disks. These beauties brought us back to simpler times in life like snacking on a few from Grandma's candy dish or holding us over in class until … What's inside. River Finn Organics … Well, that’s a bit overstated. And if you can’t go to Hawaii to relax, you can … Tags:banana, coconut, fruit punch, Life Savers, mango, melon, pina colada, pineapple, review, tangerine. LifeSavers - Tropical Fruits - Early 1980s. LIFESAVER 21524 Hard Candy, Wint-O-Green, 50oz Bag. Since their introduction in 1912, Life Savers has become an iconic American brand of non-chocolate candy and mints due to their great tasting flavors and life buoy shape. Nov 30, 2013 - This is the the roll wrapper from when Life Savers introduced the Tangerine flavor in the late 1960's. Twitter; Facebook; Google+; Order now and get 1 … add to compare compare now. Featuring Pineapple, Piña Colada, Tropical Punch, Banana and Mango Melon flavors. 2+ £0.73 save £0.07; 3+ £0.68 save £0.23; These Tropical Life Savers include the following fruity flavours: Fruit Punch • Pina Colada • Tangerine • Banana • Mango Melon. The Life Savers Gummies Facebook Page is a haven for fans to stretch their imaginations and celebrate the candy that's More Fun For Your Mouth™. Submit. Mango melon; pineapple; pina colada; tropical punch; banana. Jolly Rancher Hard Candy Fruit 'N' Sour Flavor Peg Bag, 6.5 oz, 3 pk. Hot Cin-O-Mon . Share. Featuring watermelon, pineapple, mango melon, wild cherry, fruit punch, green apple, grape, tangerine, strawberry and raspberry fruit flavors each sharing size bag contains enough hard candy pieces to share with friends, family or coworkers. I like it! Enjoy your favorite classic candy treat with LIFE SAVERS Fruity Variety Hard Candy. Here's the refreshing Tropical Fruit Life Savers candy you've always loved, in a value-packed bag. In the UK, a similar drink existed known as Twist N Squeeze, sold in similar bottle designs and similar flavours. Cryst-O-Mint [edit] Other Five-Flavor rolls . Over 40 flavors of Life Savers have been created since the original Pep-O-Mint® was launched. We can let you know when this product is back in stock. On: December 12 , 2010. Life Savers are a declining brand, and it has nothing to do with consumers who still like the brand, and everything to do with a great American brand that has been lost in the shuffle of corporate shell games. For freshness, each piece comes in its own easy-to-open wrapper! Spear-O-Mint . LifeSavers Tropical Fruit flavor are tasty with a hint of exotic tropical fruits that you would expect to taste in a remote beach location. Hot Cin-O-Mon . In 1981, Nabisco Brands Inc. acquired Life Savers. Twist N Squeeze. Just enter your email and then click the button below. Ingredients. A classic American candy since 1912, the flavors of Life Savers Hard Candy have stood the test of time. Sold by ErgodE. Mango melon, pineapple, pina colada, tropical punch, and banana. Package … International brand … Options. Rating: Weight: 6.00 lbs : SKU: LF587: Manufacturer: Lifesavers Candy: Description; Reviews ; See Also; … Life Savers has introduced quite a number of flavors, minty and otherwise, over the years, from Cl-O-ve and Cinn-O-mon to the ever-popular Butter Rum. The possibilities are endless with this sharing size bag filled with … $31.20 $28.36. So good, you'll want to savor their flavor every day. Notification will be sent to your e-mail address when this item is nearly out of stock. Weird, right? See, what happened was, I blacked out and ate almost the entire package of hard candies like they were soft crushed ice from Sonic Drive-In or the hospital. SKU: 1071. $24.88 $20.73. Artificially flavored. add to compare compare now. Ask a question about this product. Enjoy the mouthwatering refreshment of Life Savers candies! All five of your favorite flavors are now sugar free. Get lost at sea and savor the juicy taste of these mini life rings. One pleasure that's easy to always have handy is Life Savers Hard Candy. So pause the hectic world for just a moment and savor the … £0.76 No VAT. Pep-O-Mint (first Life Savers flavor, introduced in 1912) Butter Rum . Mango melon, pineapple, pina colada, tropical punch, banana. Life Savers Tropicals Hard Candy 20 Rolls per Box Made in Mexico.Ingredients: Sugar, Corn Syrup, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Citric Acid, Natural and Artificial … A chocolate maker who was looking for a candy to stand up the summer heat better than chocolate. Coconut flavored Tropical Fruit Life Savers® (or did I only imagine those?) GoLightly Sugar Free Tropical Fruit Hard Candy 2.75-oz. Now, while you still find gum, breath mints, and Tic Tacs, Lifesavers are mostly … There were also Life Savers Squeezit, featuring flavors such as Wild Watermelon, Blue Raspberry, and Tropical Fruit. Maybe I’m late to the party on this and maybe it’s just something limited to where I live but it seems Lifesavers are disappearing from candy shelves in convenience stores, supermarkets, drug stores, and gas stations. Creme Savers is a candy made by Nabisco in 1998. In 2006, the packaging was changed to a different design, which was mostly black. Lifesavers : by dolphinboy: Wed Mar 22 2000 at 11:35:54 : So called because of the hole in the middle. Amazon.com Widgets Of the classic Christmas candy items, the Life Savers Storybook is among the best known. They also revived some of the early mint flavors, like Wint-O-Green. New look! Tan M&M's® Teriyaki flavored Farmhouse® rice mix; Low fat Twinkies® Franco-American® Superiore™ Hearty Twists; Maruchan® Instant Lunch™ Jalapeño Cheddar flavor; Betty Crocker® Dulce de Leche Caramel flavor Rich & Creamy™ ready-to-spread cake frosting, without butter added; Betty Crocker® Bowl Appetit™ … Question for readers. Tropical Life Savers. Featuring the beloved cherry, raspberry, watermelon, orange, and pineapple fruit flavors of 5 Flavors, it doesn't take much for these trusted tastes to draw an easy smile. Featuring sugar-free versions of the beloved cherry, raspberry, watermelon, orange, and pineapple fruit flavors of 5 Flavors, it doesn't take much for these trusted tastes to draw an easy smile. So pause the hectic world for just a moment and savor the simple pleasure of Life Savers Hard Candy. Share. 632 talking about this. Printable version. In 1929 technology caught up with demand and LifeSavers got their holes. Originally made a a candy for children, which if swallowed whole would still allow breathing, via the hole, if it got caught in the child's throat. In 2004, the U.S. Life Savers business was acquired by Wrigley's which, in 2006, introduced two new mint flavors for the first time in more than 60 years: Orange Mint and Sweet Mint. I think I have been craving tropical-flavored sweets all this week simply because graduate school applications are starting to be due; whenever I am stressed, I usually return to the sorts of candy that bring me back to a state of tranquility. They are a spinoff candy of Life Savers, but with creamy flavors and without the hole. LifeSavers Company is an operating unit of Nabisco, Inc. Nabisco is an $8.9 billion international packaged food manufacturer of snacks and other products, including such well-known U.S. brands as Oreo cookies, Ritz crackers, SnackWell's, Planters nuts, Life Savers candies and gums; Fleischmann's margarines, A.1. 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