For any request you may have, our mode of cooperation is described in detail in the steps below. Our pursuit is that our contact is absolutely clear so that we are in a position to respond to you requests in the most efficient manner..

We follow the steps below together:

1) You complete the Application of Interest with all of the details necessary that we ask of you and describe your request. Next, you submit it through the site.
2) We will study your request and respond to you as soon as possible by e-mail or facsimile. If it is necessary we may require of you further clarifications and supplementary information regarding your case and we will inform you about the procedure that must be followed so that your request is settled successfully. Once we have a complete picture of your case, we will inform you about the cost the time required to handle it. Parallel to this, we will send you a draft  of assignment of your case with the terms and agreements of our cooperation.
3) You, once we conclude on the details of our cooperation, complete and send to us by e-mail or facsimile the assignment order of your case and pay to us, via wire transfer or PayPal, 50% of the agreed cost.
4) We shall proceed with all of the actions necessary to complete your case expeditiously and efficiently, we inform you regarding its conclusion and once you pay the remaining 50% of the cost, we shall forward to you by courier the complete envelope with the documents and relevant receipts for services rendered.

Το complete the APPLICATION OF INTEREST, please, click HERE.

Το proceed with the payment, please, click HERE.