Act of Acceptance of Inheritance

Συμβολαιογραφικές & Νομικές Υπηρεσίες


Act of Acceptance of Inheritance is the act by which the inheritor accepts the object that is bequeathed to him, either in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Code on hereditary succession (indisposed inheritance), when there is no will, or in accordance with the will of the party being inherited, when he have left a will.

The acceptance of inheritance must be drafted by notary deed, which is then transcribed in the competent Land Registry or recorded in the competent Cadastral Office.

The inheritor has a deadline of four (4) months to renounce the inheritance, and such deadline commences upon the death of the inherited party or from the publication of their will. If the inherited party had their last residence abroad or if the inherited party lived abroad, when they became inheritor, the renouncement deadline is one (1) year from the death of the inherited party or from the publication of their will. The declaration of renouncement is effected by the secretariat of the probate court or court of inheritance.

Should the above deadlines lapse without renouncement done, then it is considered that the inheritance has been accepted silently by the inheritors.

The acceptance or renouncement of inheritance is made by each inheritor for the entirety of the inheritance connoted to them, meaning that they cannot accept by a portion and renounce as for the rest of the inheritance.