About Us

We are a team of experienced and well established notary public professionals, solicitors, engineers, economists and tax specialists united by our faith and consistency in our scientific work and in the service of the citizen with due respect and dedication to their needs.

We work daily and intensely and provide immediately and scientifically documented our services to all those who wish to invest in real estate or in business or to manage in the best possible way their real estate property.

Our goal is to offer our knowledge and our services "to all Greeks" living and working in the 5 Continents.

  • We can resolve quickly and efficiently any legal issues involving real estate property and its management.
  • We settle tax affairs involving property and income and any other tax obligation for citizens and investors arising from the Greek Tax Law.
  • We offer proper guidance for investment ventures in Greece, propose the most suitable company legal form, depending on the case, and we contribute in the completion of its establishment.
  • We process the issue of certificates from Services of the Public Sector and arrange all of the cases concerning the relations between the citizen and the state.

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