Secret Will

Συμβολαιογραφικές & Νομικές Υπηρεσίες


Secret will is the one that is signed by the testator, filed in writing with a notary public before three (3) witnesses or before one (1) witness with the collaboration of a second notary public and when it is not sealed by the testator, it is sealed by the notary themselves, who is also drafting the relevant deed for its filing.

The advantages of the secret will are, on the one hand maintaining the secrecy thereof and on the other that it may be drafted by people who are unable to write, but they are able to read.

Therefore, the text of the secret will may be written either using mechanical means, either a third person –beyond the testator-, but there is always requirement that the text of the secret will must be signed by the testator themselves.

After the death of the testator, the secret will is published in the competent court with concern of the notary public in the registries of whom the secret will is kept.