Cadastral Offices

Συμβολαιογραφικές & Νομικές Υπηρεσίες


In several regions in Greece where the procedure of cadastral recording has been completed there are Cadastral Offices operating, which have incorporated the respective Land Registries, and all notary deeds or court decisions concerning properties are now entered in these.

The difference between Land Registries and Cadastral Offices consists in the method of keeping the entries. In the Land Registries the recording system is centred on the person, that is there is opening of shares for physical or legal persons and all deeds concerning the change in their property status are recorded, in which case the audit is carried out based on the name or the company name of those sought as owners of the properties, whereas in the Cadastral Offices, the recording system is real (or object) centred, that is there is keeping of computerised maps of all the properties in the country, each of which is allocated a registration code number of the national cadastre (KAEK), thereby by searching a specific registration number in the cadastral register we have a complete picture about the entries concerning the specific property (the cadastral diagram of the property, the determination of its exact location, its bordering properties, the area of the property, its ownership history and any other entry concerning third party claims, property liens, etc.).

For entry in the Cadastral Office, as the case may be, there is collection of the respective rights set forth by the Law.