Private Capital Company

Συμβολαιογραφικές & Νομικές Υπηρεσίες

Private Capital Company (PPC) is established by One Stop Service (O.S.S.)by one or more natural or legal persons (founders) and for its establishment a minimum share capital of one (1 euro) is required, so the establishment of this corporate form is disconnecting from the capital.

A partner (single SWF) or several partners are able to participate in the capital  and they participate in the capital through cash contribution, contribution of assets, individual work, and even with provision of personal safety or interest quarantee (see Articles 77-79 Law 4072/2012 Government Gazette A 86 11/4/2012).

This new corporate type, facilitates cooperation and coexistence between the partners, making it suitable for family businesses and as well as for businesses and partnerships.

The private limited company is not required to have its headquarters in Greece.

The brand name is formed either by the name of one or more partners,  or from the object the business holds. The brand name must contain in any case the words «Private Capital Company» ( in Latin: PC). Also, the name may be in Latin characters or in a foreign language. If the company is a single –member, the brand name must include the words «Single –SWF» ( Single Member PC).

The company is managed and represented by one or more managers. Administrator can only be a natural person, partner or not. If receivership (ie if the partners do not elect an administrator and the statue  does not contain relevant provisions), if one of the partners is a legal person, it shall designate on behalf of the individual who will be an administrator. The legal entity is severally liable for management.

The duration of the company is mandatory fixed. If not defined in the statues of incorporation, its duration, is considered by law to be twelve (12 year) and, in any case, can be extended by decision of the partners.

The establishment of the SWF is the record of the General Commercial Register (GCR).


a)      The name, home address and email address of any partner.

b)      The status of the company as a «private limited company».

c)       The name of the company.

d)      The company’s headquarters.

e)      The purpose of the company

f)       Contributions of its partners by category contributions and the value thereof, in accordance with Articles 77 and 79, and the capital of the company.

g)      The total number of shares.

h)      The initial number of shares of each partner and the type of consideration that these shares represent.

i)        The administration and representation of the company.

j)        The duration of the company.