Buying & Selling

Συμβολαιογραφικές & Νομικές Υπηρεσίες


Βy the buying and selling act the seller is required to transfer the property being sold, either by full ownership, or by bare ownership, or to waive his right, due to sale, of usufruct over a property, and the buyer is required to pay the cash price agreed between the parties.

Entering a sales requires a contract between the parties, which must definitely be effected by notary deed, which is then transcribed in the competent Land Registry or entered in the competent Cadastral Office.

Transfer tax: The sale of a property is subject to transfer tax, with a taxation percentage determined in accordance with the then applicable tax provisions which also define the tax free limit for the purchase of the first (1st) home.

A statement of transfer tax is to be filed with the Tax Service Branch (D.O.Y.) under which comes the property physically and the transfer tax is paid before the signing of the contract.

The current taxation percentage is 3% (plus 3% municipal taxes).


Exemption from tax of first (1st) residence:

Under specific conditions the buyer is entitled to exemption from the tax for the purchase of the first (1st) residence and such conditions are specified by the N. 1078/1980, as amended applies.

Current scale of exemption from tax of first (1st) residence:

Type of Property Category of Beneficiary Up Amount
Residence Unmarried 200.000,00 €
Residence Married 250.000,00 €
Residence Married with disabilities 275.000,00 €
Land Unmarried 50.000,00 €
Land Married 100.000,00 €






• For purchase of residence, the above amounts will be increased by 25.000,00 euro for each one of the two first of all children and by 30.000,00 euro for each subsequent child.

• For purchase of land, these amounts will be increased by 10.000,00 euro for each one of the first two children and by 15,000 euro for each subsequent child.

• The purchase of first residence with surface up to 120 m2 and with value up to 200.000,00 euro, is not subject to requirement of presumption acquisition.

Transfer subject to VAT.:

The transfer of real estate is subject to VAT for buildings whose construction license has beeb issued or has been revised by 1-1-2006, provided that by the review date have not yet begun any construction work.


Usual documents required:

• Tax clearance of the seller.
• Social security clearance for the seller by the